Where to start…The beginning is to early and the middle doesn’t really set the stage…

I’ve been around guns of some sort all my life, but I never shot a handgun until I was in my 30s. A friend got his Concealed Handgun License and came over to show me his brand new Springfield Armory XD chambered in .45ACP. It was love at first sight. (With the concept…I’m not the biggest fan of XD pistols.)

My friend took my wife and I shooting a week later and it was all over. We immediately signed up and took our CHL class (qualifying with my friend’s XD) and some sort of handgun has been a nigh constant companion ever since.

I’ve spent the last 30 years in public school teaching students, teachers, and even administrators. Now I’ve finally taken the steps necessary to take all my teaching skills and apply them to another passion: firearms. I look forward to helping others with handgun and firearm training here in Waco!

So here I am and here you are. Looking forward to helping you start (or advance) your journey with handguns and firearms training. Thanks for helping me live the next part of my dream.

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