Frequently Asked Questions

While permitless carry is enough for some, having your license to carry allows you many more options including being able to carry in many places that somone without a license cannot.

NRA classes are built to build your skills as a gun owner and shooter.  The NRA is the biggest and best private firearms training system and can offer you many different types of training. 

DPS courses offer license opportunities like the LTC (Licence to Carry). You will learn more about laws and not have as much direct “how to” in firearms instruction.

When signing up for an “online” LTC class, be aware that only the classroom learning portion is covered in the online class. You still have to qualify with live fire in front of a qualified instructor at a range.  

The advantage to taking the LTC class online is that you can complete the classroom portion of the class at your own pace.  After you finish you will select a qualified instructor close to your location and then set up to take the LTC firing qualification.

When you take the entire class in person, it normally takes a day out of your schedule (approximately 6-8 hours), but you have in person instruction and you take care of the firing portion in the same day.

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