September first of 2021, Texas enacted the statute that approves permitless or constitutional carry. This statute allows Texans who are not otherwiste prohibited from possessing firearms to carry them without license or training. While this is a great thing in regards to gun rights, it’s not the be all/end all that many believe.

What Permitless Carry Is:

Permitless (or constitutional) carry is the abilty for individuals to carry a firearm either openly or concealed without having to apply for license or take required training. Many feel this is an extension of the “castle doctrine” which allowed individuals to have firearms in the home and thier car without a license. Texans can carry for the defense of themselves or others without having to go through the processes of licensure.

What Permitless Carry Isn’t:

It’s NOT the “same” as an LTC (License to Carry). There are LIMITS to permitless carry. All the signs apply to permitless carry and they don’t give you any grace if you aren’t licensed. You also cannot carry onto school property (within 1000 ft of the school). It isn’t any kind of “get out of jail free” card, either. If you are carrying somewhere you shouldn’t, don’t expect any kind of grace or light hand. For example, if someone with an LTC “forgets” and takes their firearm into an airport, they will be escorted out, allowed to put the gun away and re-enter the airport. If you don’t have a license, you aren’t getting that benefit of the doubt.


I think it’s crucial to carry a firearm in this day and age. There are more and more situations where citizens must defend themselves and or others. It just makes sense to me that training and licensure would be the route to take if at all possible. The advantages greatly outweigh the struggles involved in getting your LTC. Find a great trainer (I highly recommend myself) to take an in person LTC class. If timing is an issue, then find an ONLINE LTC class so you can handle the online portion at your own pace. Constitutional carry has it’s place, but it’s place in my opinion is to be a placeholder until you can train and get your LTC license!


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